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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



For a growth in attitude and a developed sense of responsibility for her classroom and working space. Always impressed; Keep learning!


For some imaginative and well thought out ideas when doing his dragon writing this week. He has also taken great care with his presentation and I cant wait to see his final version today!


Has been persevering with her maths coin work and has been doing some super writing of firework sounds. Super job!


Andre is kind, hardworking and always happy to participate and contribute to our learning discussions. Andre has enjoyed and engaged with our Owl Babies text in English and is growing in confidence every day. We  are so proud of Andre and excited to see what else is to come.


Gene has arrived at school with a positive mindset every day this week, focussing on his learning and trying his hardest at everything. Well done - keep it up!


Growing confidence in phonics. Robertas has shown great resilience as he often found learning new sounds hard but he has continued to work hard and it shows! Keep it up.


Well done in trying your best in writing character descriptions. You showed great perseverance. Fantastic use of inverse in Maths this week.