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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



Has been showing a hard working attitude towards her learning. All adults have been proud of her for showing confidence to join in whole class discussions.


Has really shown confidence and belief this week by sensibly supporting others in the class with their learning. Thank you Henry!


Lilly has shown a huge improvement in her maths work this week. Lilly has been working independently and using  and using the maths resources to help her, as well as helping others. Well done!


For employing new reading strategies and completely transforming his approach to answering questions in reading and maths. Well done!


For always displaying excellent commitment and dedication in her learning. Libby always puts 100% effort to everything that she does.



Showing real resilience in maths. Even when finding things tricky Jai didn't give up, he found and used resources to help him and solved the problem. Jai also wrote an amazing piece of creative writing in English his passion was infectious! Keep it up Jai!


What a fantastic start to the new year! Violet has shown us she is ready to learn, concentrating on tasks and most

importantly TRYING HER BEST! Well done! Keep up your positive start to the new year!