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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



For being resilient in her writing of the alphabet. She listened to the instructions and produced some great marks. We are so proud of you.



Being a star helper in PE and tried her best in her  writing. Keep up the good work.


HAs shown resilience throughout the week; especially in his maths work (counting to 10). He is always ready to start the day, where he shows respect to everyone around him. Well done! Keep up the good work.


Libby can always be trusted to try her hardest with her learning. Then presentation of her learning, particularly in maths is amazing and is an example for others in Team4.


Kyle showed true resilience this week, when asked to join his handwriting. He found the task challenging but kept trying and now uses joins in every lesson. Well done.


For establishing himself as a strong willed, determined and confident member of Team 6. Keep pushing on,Harry.


For her fabulous writing in class on Wednesday! Wonderful story extension!