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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



Fatima is showing confidence and strong belief in her own abilities to produce wonderful writing. She is a sensible member of our class and can always be trusted to do the right thing.


Harvey - wow! Your handwriting is amazing! And not just in English - it is so obvious that you are taking pride in all of your subjects! Well done.


For a marked improvement in the quality of presentation in his maths book. Owen is also improving the quality of the response to his reasoning questions.


Has shown her dedication and determination in maths this week. She has been quietly concentrating and demonstrating maturity and resilience. You are a credit to Team 6, thank you for your hard work.


Daren has recently grown in confidence with our P.A.C.E work in maths and focused well on his work. Daren has also been thinking about his writing more and trying to only use capitals when needed. Well done.


Jack is beginning to show real maturity in his attitude in his learning. He now brings a renewed confidence to every lesson showing his determination to progress. We are very proud of you.


For her dedication to the presentation and quality of her work, particularly in her English work.