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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



For his excellent self portrait that he produced in art. Dylan listened very carefully to his instructions and worked well to complete his task independently.


Well done Bailey for your achievements in Team 2. You are really growing as a writer and it is lovely to read through your work. The progress you have made this year is outstanding. Keep it up!!


For always trying her best, even when Andrea doesn't understand all of the instructions she still gives 100% effort! Keep up the great work. Team 5 Team!


Harry has been working really well during our phonics sessions. He is beginning to recognise diagraph sounds within words. He confidently read the word 'Narwhal' in a non fiction book and said 'it looks like a unicorn.!'


Farhat has excelled in our acrostic poem writing. She has made various drafts of her poem and continued to edit her work until meeting perfection! Keep up the fantastic writing work, well done for always working hard!


For showing respect and following instructions correctly.

Team 6

Every member of staff is so proud of the way that you have completed tour SATS this week. EVERY child has shown determination, focus and resilience and you should all be very proud of yourselves!