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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



Has been developing her confidence in accessing new activities. She has been developing her writing skills and has been using her knowledge of letters and sounds to write and read words.


For being focused in class and always trying his best, and for his extra effort with his homework, asking for help and extending himself. Well done!


For always doing her best in all areas and lessons. She has a fabulous attitude to school and her learning. She is a great role model for all of Team 3.


For a tremendous sense of confidence when approaching his work. Also , for always staying into the lunchtime to complete his work up to the point that HE is happy. Well done!


Has made a breakthrough with her writing. She can write her name and is trying really hard to write all her letters. Keep up this amazing effort. Superstar!


Consistently makes the right choice, showing all of our core values all of the time. She always encourages others to participate and is a valuable member of Team 4.


For being an excellent prefect, listening well and becoming much more independent. Daniel has produced some amazing writing this week.