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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



For working through and increasingly building up her confidence by asking for help. Well done - I am looking forward to seeing this continue in the future.


Tehya is always doing the right thing (with a smile!) She always works hard. She always does her best. Well done!


Julia has produced some excellent writing. She has really been challenging herself to produce the best work she possibly can. Well done Julia!


Amazing effort in his English writing. Always asking if he can write more. Fantastic learning behaviour in class.


Georgia has shown confidence in her Maths skills this week. Pushing herself to try the next level. Well done!


For confidence in English this week. Her poem performance was very animated!


Darcey has been developing her confidence at school. She is showing an eagerness to get involved in learning opportunities and showing belief in herself. Darcey is trying hard with her writing and is keen to show adults her work. We are so pleased to see her come to school with a big smile on her face!