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School Learning Council Meeting 11/1/17

We met together for the first time as a new school council. We found out what our role is and what the school is working on to make it even better this year. Our first action is to lead, with the support of our class teacher, the weekly class learning forum meeting. We will then feedback our class’s pupil voice at the next school council meeting.


School Learning Council Meeting 28/9/16

In today’s meeting we have talked about whole school assemblies and how adults should act and show respect. We have agreed expectations and how they should be met and our next step is to share this with our head teacher and write a letter.

Please watch this space for more information about anti-bullying week as we have started to plan it.


School Learning Council Meeting 13/7/16

In today's meeting we have discussed how we have been successful this year. We have also shared ideas about how to make next year even better. We have considered which clubs we would like to be offered, how we can take even more care and pride in our school and how to elect our new school learning councillors.