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I hope that you all had a good weekend and are staying fit and healthy?

Are you all being good and helping out your Mum's and Dad's?

Here is your learning for today...



Practice counting in 5's up to 100.  Count as you walk up the stairs, as you walk around your garden or while you are in the car.  Can you write your numbers in 5's from 0 to 100 in your book?  

Don't forget to do your maths learning on MyMaths and carry on counting in 2's!



Today I would like you to write a recount of something that you did over the weekend.  Did you go for a walk with your family? Have you watched a good film or read a new book? Did you help Mummy or Daddy clean the car?  

Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  Can you try and use some WOW words to describe what you did? 

I would really like it if you could draw a picture as well.


Topic - Music

Can you make a musical instrument using re-cycling and other bits and bobs you have in your house? Does it make a good sound? Can you play a tune on it?

Take a photo of your finished instrument and stick it in your work book.  


Carry on reading and sharing books with your grown-ups.