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Good morning everyone!  I hope you are all well today?


For maths, please make sure that you go onto MyMaths and complete today's learning activities.


For English, can you rewrite the poem, 'The Owl and the Pussycat' as a story.  You have got a copy of the poem in your work books.  Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  Use your phonics to sound out tricky words.  

When you have finished, read your story to a grown-up and ask them to help you correct any mistakes.  (You can use a coloured pen or pencil for this).

Remember... I always love to see a picture!



It is a beautiful, sunny day so I would like you to try and create some outdoor art.  If you have a garden this should be quite easy to do with stones, twigs, grass and anything else you might find in your garden.  if you haven't got a garden, then next time you go for a walk perhaps you could take a bag with you so that you can collect some bits and bobs. 

When I was a little girl me and my sisters would make miniture gardens on trays!

I you can take a photo of your artwork then that would be great as hopefully we will be able to share some of our work online very soon. 


And please remember to be good for your Mummy and Daddy!