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Welcome to our Reception class page. This half term our connector is 'Autumn'. We will be thinking about all of the changes we can see in our local environment such as changes in the weather and in nature. The children will be exploring celebrations that fall in the Autumn term. We will be exploring Autumn creatures and how they prepare for the colder weather. We will be introducing new vocabulary such as hibernate and nocturnal to explore different types of creature.



Our children are settled, excited and motivated to learn!


We have been having lots of fun exploring our fabulous indoor and outdoor spaces. Have a little look!



Please remember to add photo's and videos of your childs learning onto our Tapestry program.


Key Information:


PE sessions to be held every Thursday (please bring in a labelled PE uniform to be kept on the school grounds)

Learning logs will be handed out every Friday to be returned the following week with completed work by very latest Thursday

Mathletics and my maths activities can be accessed at home using your childs individual login details






We will be discussing our favourite things such as; toys, TV programmes, food, animals, games, colours etc.

Your child can bring their favourite toy or book to school to show to the class.

We will be taking lots of photographs of your children enjoying their favourite activities in school and sharing this with you via our Tapestry program. Your child can also bring in a photograph of their favourite thing to do at home, or favourite places they have visited to share with their friends.





Our focus this term will be learning to count beyond 10, and to say one number name for each object. We will also work on recognising numerals 1-10 and extending to 20. We will be singing lots of number rhymes, to learn about adding one more and taking one away.

We will discuss the shapes of everyday objects, and going for shape hunts around the school. We will be exploring pattern in the environment, and making our own repeating patterns. We will be making choices and justifying decisions to sort familiar objects to identify their similarities and differences.

We will be learning positional language e.g. under, over, behind, next to etc.


Personal Social and Emotional Development:


We will be making new friends and finding out about our new class routines and rules. We will be learning to share and to take turns.




    We will be learning to listen carefully so that we can distinguish between different sounds. We will be finding out about rhyming words and we will be learning the following phonic sounds;

    s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r

    The key texts we will be reading are; Peace at Last, My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh, and Handa’s Surprise.