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This week I want you to focus on words that have the "u" sound but are spelt 'ou'. The spellings for this week can be found below. Complete the tasks I have given below but also use the games on Spelling Shed. Challenge yourself! Remember to use your log in only! Log ins can be found on last weeks English page. 



Find out what all the words mean. You can either write the definition or draw a picture that shows what each word means. 



Write a sentence for each word. 



Practice your spellings using 'Look, say, cover, write, check'.



Ask someone to test you on this weeks spellings.


This week we are moving on from adverbs to have a look at speech and how to use inverted commas (or speech marks) correctly.  Use the BBC bitesize video on the link below, to help you understand when and where to use them. There is an activity for each day of the week for you to complete. Remember to post any work you complete for me to look at on the Team 3 page, you can find this on the 'What Can I do With work I've completed" page.