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This week the spellings are words with the /ch/ sound ending -ture. As you have been doing, do the activities below, but also keep using Spelling Shed! You can find your log ins below. Remember to only use YOUR log in. 



Find out what all the words mean. You can either write the definition or draw a picture that shows what each word means.


Write a sentence for each word. 


Practice your spellings using 'Look, say, cover, write, check'.


Complete the Wordsearch


Ask someone to test you on this weeks spelling



Practise your skimming and scanning techniques to find the words in the text. 

Tuesday Vocabulary

Play the BOGGLE game. How many words can you find? What is your highest score?


Wednesday Grammar

Watch the video below to find out what vowels and consonants are and then complete the PACE sheet. I've included the answers so you can self mark - no cheating though!

Thursday Grammar

Following on from our vowels and consonants work yesterday, now wacth the PowerPoint on if we should use 'a' or 'an'. Then complete the PACE sheet.

Friday: Creative Writing

Watch the Youtube clip to show the beginning of the story. Then you continue it. What happens next? Who is behind the door? What is behind the door? Why hadn't you noticed it before? What happens once you go through the door? 

Creative writing prompt