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This week the spellings are words that start with the prefix re-.  As you have been doing, do the activities below, but also keep using Spelling Shed! You can find your log ins below. Remember to only use YOUR log in. 



Find out what all the words mean. You can either write the definition or draw a picture that shows what each word means.


Write a sentence for each word. 


Practice your spellings using 'Look, say, cover, write, check'.


Match the meanings to the words.


Ask someone to test you on this weeks spelling


Monday - Reading lesson

Ice Cream with Friends comprehension – Open the document below and take a close look at the picture. Then answer the questions about it. 


Tuesday Vocabulary

Play the BOGGLE game week 3. How many words can you find? What is your highest score? Did you beat last weeks score?


Wednesday Grammar

Watch the PPT  below to find out about prepositions and then complete the PACE sheet. I've included the answers so you can self mark - no cheating though



Thursday Grammar

Following on from our work on prepositions yesterday, we now look at Prepositional phrases. Click on the link below and work your way through the slides. Then  complete the PACE sheet.


Friday: Creative Writing

Watch the You tube clip to give you some inspiration. 

Imagine you have shrunk down to just 5cm tall in the classroom. What will life be like as a mini-student? What will you have to overcome? Where will you sleep? What will you eat? How do you turn back to full size? Write an adventure story about being this little. Alternatively, draw a detailed picture of the mini world you create.