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This week the spellings are words that have suffixes that start with vowel letters.  As you have been doing, do the activities below, but also keep using Spelling Shed! You can find your log ins below. Remember to only use YOUR log in. 


Find out what all the words mean. You can either write the definition or draw a picture that shows what each word means.


Write a sentence for each word. 


Practice your spellings using 'Look, say, cover, write, check'.


Add -ing and -ed to all of the words.


Get someone to test you on the spellings this week. 


Monday - Reading lesson

This week you are going to be detectives. Start with this task of finding out who stole the Sports day medals.   Open the document below and decide which text and questions to answer. The answers are provided so you can mark your own work. 1* is easy, 2** age related and 3*** challenge. Most of you should be aiming to do either 2** or 3***.

Tuesday Vocabulary

Play the BOGGLE game week 6. How many words can you find? What is your highest score? Did you beat last weeks score?

Wednesday and Thursday Grammar

For the next two days, you are going to use all of the grammar knowledge you have been learning to solve the mystery of “Who Stole the Emoji’s colour?” Solve each clue and then cross the suspects off the list, which will leave you with only one suspect. Answers are at the end, so no cheating!

Friday: Creative Writing

Watch the You tube clip to give you some inspiration. 

You are a spy who is disguised as a bird watcher so you can easily spy on people. Who are you spying on? Why? What have they done? Who do you work for? Is it just you or are there more of you? What equipment do you need? How do you pass on the information? Write a short story to describe your time as a spy.