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Today, reread the poem we started to look at in Topic: 'From A Railway Carriage'. A copy is available below. As that poem is quite old, I would like you to write a list of things that you might see out of a window of a train (or a car/coach/bus) in modern times!


Look at the image below and write a description on it, Remember to use adjectives, conjunctions and if you can some prepositions.



Watch the beach video and write a piece using your senses on what you may be able to see, hear, smell and feel if you were at the beach.


Thursday- Is it 'a' or 'an' that goes in front of each of these words? Remember to think about whether each word starts with a consonant or vowel SOUND! If you cannot print the sheet off, copy the words down into your book with either a or an in front of it.

Friday- Sort the prepositions into the correct column- Time, Cause or Place