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Today, I want you to list as many synonyms as you can for the word... happy. Remember a synonym is a word that means the same as another word. Once you have made your list, can you write some sentences using the words you have come up with. Challenge: can you think of antonyms  (words that mean the opposite) and use them in a sentence as well?



The following words are some of our spelling words. Today I would like you to have a practice at spelling them, as well as looking up their definition and use them in a sentence. 

  • mention
  • difficult
  • reign
  • guide
  • occasion 




In our reading and writing lessons, we have looked at Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which is written by Roald Dahl. Today, use the link below to research about Roald Dahl and write a fact file all about him. Investigate his life and see if you can find out some interesting facts about him to include. 




Today, we will be looking at imperative verbs again, as we did when we were writing our instructions. Look at the sheet below, and fill in the correct imperative verb for each sentence. If you cannot print the sheet out, write the answers down in your purple book. 



A fun Friday activity today. There are three 'Would you rather' questions below, answer each one of them and explain why that is the answer you have chosen. 

Thursday- Imperative verbs