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Today, I want you to watch the video 'Once In A Lifetime', and write an ending to the story. Using adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs (definition below), describe to me where the turtles take the man. 


An adverb: This is a new word for us in Team 3 so just try your best to include some! An adverb is a word that describes the way in which something happens. Adverbs often end in 'ly' but not all the time. There is a poster below that can help with using adverbs!




Today, I want you to change the animal from a turtle to an animal of your choice BUT I don't you to tell me what the animal is straight away. Show me through describing how it looks and moves, maybe even the noises it makes. Remember to use a range of adjectives. 



Reading- Today I want you to read through the piece "Live like an Emperor" and answer the questions on the sheet. Remember to read the text carefully before answering the questions. 


Spellings- Practice the following spellings then write them in a sentence!

  • accident
  • accidentally
  • actual
  • actually
  • address
  • answer

Wednesday- Reading Task


Choose one of the three pictures on the sheet, and describe the setting. Try and use as many interesting adjectives as you can.



Use the picture to describe the BFG! 

Thursday- Setting description

Friday- Character description BFG