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Today I want you to write some instructions for someone in your family to follow when completing exercise. Keep it realistic, don't make them jump 200 times! Don;t forget your imperative verbs!

E.g. Jump 20 times.



Write as many synonyms as you can for the word small. Choose a couple and write them in sentences. Do you know any antonyms? 



Look at the picture below and write a short story about it. Think about who the children are, and where they might be going. 

Start with the line "If there was an answer, he'd find it there."



Read the piece on planting daffodils, and answer the questions on the sheet. 




Write a letter (it can be to anyone you like, including me if you want!) imagining that you have managed to escape from Pompeii after Vesuvius has erupted. How did you escape? Did you escape alone? How are you feeling? 

Think back to our work on "Escape From Pompeii" before Christmas to help you!