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Headteacher's Cup


Winners of the Headteacher's Cup this week are:



For being a good role model in class ALWAYS listening during carpet time and settling quickly at your table to do your work.


Kaitlyn has been a phonics superstar this week! She has grown in confidence with chopping, blending and reading words! Well done.


HAs demonstrated fantastic resilience over this week. She has really tried her best in all lessons as well as with her speech, which she is growing in confidence with. Fantastic work Daisey!


We are super proud of Zuleyha this week for her growing confidence in speaking the English language. She has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in her very first nativity. Well done Zuleyha. Reception Superstar!


For the self reliance that she shows when approaching her learning. She can always be relied upon to make sensible  and mature choices.


Has shown real resilience to her learning this week, Even when she has found the work challenging she has kept trying and proved to herself that she can succeed. Well done Holly, Keep it up!