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Tuesday and Wednesday 31st March 2020 and 1st April 2020


Tuesday/Wednesday-English-Continue your writing about the boat ensure you have a clear beginning and middle-tell me about the boats journey at sea, will it be treacherous (bad) or nice and smooth waves? Where is your boat aiming to get to and replace the owl and the pussycat in your story with two other animals as characters. What will happen to your characters? 

Look at the images below of smooth and rough waves to help you with your describing of the setting (where you are!). 

Topic for Tuesday and Wednesday- Design and make a boat for the Owl and the Pussycat to sail on. Think about materials you could use that are recyclables and try to test your made boat in a bowl of water or even a puddle if the weather turns! How fast does it go? Does it float? 


Remember on the class portion of the website you can upload photos of your creations for me to see!


Happy boat making!

Remember Maths work for the week is on MyMaths!


If you don't have access to this then work on writing out and recapping your 2x, 5x and 10 x table for the week.

 Can you think of any divisions for these?

What might some of these look like as fractions? Draw some in your books. 

Hello all, I hope your keeping well and children I hope your helping out at home and keeping yourselves busy. Remember the clocks have gone forward! 


Monday 30th March 2020- Maths please find this on MyMaths continuously for the week. If you still have not accessed MyMaths due to a lost login then let us know! 

Alternatively writing some number bonds + and - to 20 and 50 would support your recall of these. 


English- Please make sure your having a good read of your normal books and library books at home-some lovely book reviews would be fantastic! 

Use adjectives (describing words) to tell me about the boat below-is it the boat from The Owl and the Pussycat or is it a different boat? Write a story about the boat. 

Try to use suffixes and prefixes in your writing.    E.g: I untied (prefix) the shabby, paint torn boat from its rope. It was the saddest (suffix) looking boat I had ever seen. 


Topic: Try being scientific today-this experiment explores how hand gel and antibacterial gel work to eliminate germs-write down a prediction in your books and then write down your observations after completing the experiment.       

You will need a bowl of water, pepper and washing up liquid or some form of liquid soap. 

Sprinkle the pepper on top of the water and then place your finger in the water. What happens? 

Then put some soap on your finger and then see what happens when you place it into the peppered water bowl! Have fun!

Remember please don't touch your face during this experiment! 


Thursday 26.03.20 and Friday's 27.03.20 home learning:


Hello all of Team 2, I hope you're keeping well and staying active. If you need some help to stay active then Topic work/P.E work for Thursday is to check out Joe Wicks The Body coach and his great 20 mins exercise videos!  


Friday's Topic work-Paint or draw/colour a rainbow! Put it up in your window and spread some hope, also those who are out for a brief walk can play a game of eye spy! 

Again more work has been added to My Maths to complete have a go please, alternatively give the Maths sheets in your home learning books a go over Thursday and Friday! Also don't forget to practise those times tables! Well done to all those children who have already completed different pieces of work on MyMaths, keep up the fantastic work!


English: Continue writing your diary entry, where your logging your stay at home experience or write a letter to a friend or family member which you can post on a quick walk to their letterbox or if you have access to the internet or video calling then contact a family member to have a chat! Keep talking!   (Example of a type of letter below). 

Hopefully you'll be able to upload some videos or photos of work or activities you've been up to at home on the website!! 


To  (person) 



How are you? I am ok, I've been watching quite a bit of TV in the evenings and trying to garden during the day. It is hard not seeing you, but I know that it is safer for me to contact you through this letter or on the phone. I've been eating lots of vegetables to stay healthy, what have you been eating? 

My favourite TV show was on last night, did you watch it? 

It can be a bit boring staying at home and indoors, but I am hoping that by writing this letter we can start to talk more easily and be happier together. 

I can't wait to hear back from you soon, take care!


love from



Tuesday 24th March and Wednesday 25th March  2020   Home learning work to be completed on ~Tuesday/Wednesday.


Maths-Please find more learning to complete on MyMaths and if you are unable to access this then write up some number bonds to 20 or 100 in your home learning books. Think about additions and subtractions. e.g: 19 + 1= 20    20-1=19 

fact families would be great to see- this means using the same numbers but showing two additions and two subtractions. 


Maths Wednesday- MyMaths complete and think about fact families and bonds for your 2 timestable-e.g: 1x2=2     2x1=2   2 divided by 2=1   there may not be four fact families for multiplication and division only three. 


Writing English Tuesday and Wednesday's work- Please have a look outside your windows-What can you see? How many cars are parked outside? Use adjectives to describe the cars. Create a two day diary entry on what you observe outside your window or a week's diary entry with short written logs for each day. 


Dear Diary, 


Today is Tuesday and the sun is shining brightly at my window. The sun is making it difficult to see much and my eyes are becoming watery. I can still see a red Honda outside on the empty street and next door's cat perched unbothered on its owner's front step. I had cereal for my breakfast today, but I want chocolate spread tomorrow. What an exciting day! I'm going to .............................................................


Topic:    Tuesday and Wednesday Please follow the recipe above and make an Owl on toast-using chocolate spread and some fruit-get creative!  There is also an owl powerpoint about their life cycles and a cut and stick worksheet-if you are unable to print then have a go at drawing the life cycle out or writing what happens in an owls life cycle! 

Monday 23rd March 2020    Home Learning work


Please find work set on MyMaths and please use the links below which are times table songs to support your child with their timestables!         2x table           5x table 

Please also use the timetable board game that came out in your child's home learning book. 


English: The Owl who was afraid of the dark    the book being read out loud from the story. 


Think about your favourite animal? What animal is it? What does your animal look like? Why is it your favourite animal? What do you think your animal might be scared of?  This could be a predator or a larger animal! Write down some sentences in your home learning books. Try to use capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and if your up for the challenge some adjectives (soft, fluffy, bumpy) or suffixes ! 


Topic: Bong tree information and video linked back to our Owl and the Pussycat poem-a documentary video (4mins) explains about South East Asia where Bong trees grow. Draw a tree in your books-around the tree write down some facts you have learnt about Bong trees.  

Some definitions for words mentioned in the video. 

Extinction: something that does not exist anymore. 

exploitation: treating someone unfairly and benefiting from their work. 

dwelling: a house, flat or other residence


If you can't access the video well then try using some recyclables at home to create a musical instrument!  Plastic bottles with lids, cans, tins are brilliant for this! Draw the instrument you have created in your books and create some fantastic music!!

Please find more work on Mymaths to do each day, if you do not have access to a computer then there is Maths work in the children's books that they took home yesterday. 


The Owl who was afraid of the dark-story being read with the book.

All about owls video-non-fiction-informative      Write down some facts you learn about owls-list.


Please find links below for some research and learning on owls. The Owl who was afraid of the dark is the text we are currently looking at alongside The Owl and the Pussycat. A review of the Owl was afraid of the dark in your home learning books would be great or maybe thinking of words other than dark that are used in the text to describe dark-e.g: silver etc. 


Please find below the Owl and the Pussycat poem that came out with your child in their green books today. If children at home can write down any rhymes they can find in the poem that would be fantastic e.g: pea, sea. 


If the children can then make up their own rhymes to match some of the words from the poem. We are moving onto tomorrow changing a verse from the poem, by changing particular words and rhymes. This will support your child with their knowledge of poetry and poetry writing. 


The snakes and Ladders times table game which also came out with your children today in their books is also here on the website, it comes equipped with a cut out dice, counters, game mat and answer mat to support everyone with enjoying the game. 


I have also uploaded a powerpoint on the worlds continents-we are particularly trying to focus on Asia due to this being where Bong trees from the Owl and the pussycat poem grow! If your child could write down a few facts they have learnt about Asia and the other continents then this will support their Geographical knowledge. 


Mymaths work has been set there are fraction tasks still outstanding for homework for some. Newly added, there is now multiplication and division practise and addition with doubles. Well done to all of those already logged in please check your MyMaths for your feedback Well done!!

If you have lost your Mymaths login or your child did not give you the letter then please let the office know so it can be given to you. 

Thank you! 

Hello as from today there will be work available on this page for any children at home. Please find below a set of links for your use at home for Maths work and other areas of learning. 


Phonics play a site used for phonics access can also be used for free! 

login: march20 

password: home 


Please particularly use this site to refresh your child's knowledge of their phonics to continually support them with their reading and writing.


Websites with learning activities for Year 2:







KS1 – Science


General – revision and games 


I.C.T general games

Please find below the words that your children need to know before the end of Year 2 and also some phonic sounds games if your child needs some extra sound support.

All children have a reading book and a library book now. Please return the library books every Tuesday so your child can receive a new library book. The children are all very excited to be able to change their library books every week. Please remember to sign their diaries, this forms part of your child's homework.   

Thank you.       

Happy reading!!!!

   Hello all


Today your child will be coming home with a Mymaths login, the children have been shown how to login during school time. When they login their maths homework should appear. When this is completed they can also play a variety of maths games. 

We are using the MyMaths programme to support children in engaging more with their maths homework!

Please keep your child's login details to hand as from this week, Maths homework will be going onto this format. 


Thank you

Mrs Spraggett

Hello all!


We have had a busy term in Team 2 so far, we have been looking at Transport as our Topic and all the different types of transport this covers. 


The children experienced seeing and venturing onto real life trains including Thomas! At Chappell train station for our class trip. The children used this experience and even created their own vehicles out of cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials. These included box cars, double decker buses and even trains! 


We are moving into another new topic now on the Owl and the Pussycat poem and Bong trees, so any exploring of animals specifically owls and cats would be a fantastic contribution to this Topic! Also if your out and about spotting different trees and drawing these would make a great contribution to.