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Learning for week beginning 01.06.20

Hello and welcome back after your half term break. 

This is now your last term in Team 1!

Some of you will be back in school and some of you will still be continuing with your home learning .  

Remember, try to do a little bit each day.


Don't forget that you can upload and share your work.

I have made you all your own file so that you can add any work, photos or pictures that you want to show me. 


These are both great websites if you want to do some extra learning:



Log in here to start your day with a mini PE lesson.


Click on the link below to join in with your daily phonics session.



For spelling this week, we will be using the Spelling Shed website to help you to practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games and you can find your user login in the T1 spelling shed pdf on this page.

Please use only your own details to log in.


At The Beach by Roland Harvey

I hope that you enjoyed the story. 


Each day the children wrote a postcard to their Grandma telling her about all the adventures they had that day whilst on their holiday at Crabby Spit.

What do you think was the most exciting day they had? Can you write about it and tell me why you thought it was the best day.  Don't forget to draw a picture!

Now can you write a postcard to someone in your family telling them all about a special day you have had at the seaside.  What did you do? Did you build a sandcastle or search for shells? How did you get there and who did you go with? Did you have fish and chips? or perhaps an ice cream or candy floss?





Monday: > home learning > year 1 > week 6 > lesson 1 > Measure mass

Tuesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 6 > lesson 2 > Compare mass 

Wednesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 6> lesson 3 > Introduce capacity and volume

Thursday: > home learning > year 1 > week 6 > lesson 4 > Measure capacity

Friday: > home learning > year 1 > week 6 > Friday maths challenge


Once you have watched the video for the day's lesson, click on the links below to complete the daily on-line activities.



Please watch this power point presentation and then complete the activities.



                 Draw a seaside picture.