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Learning for week beginning 04.05.20

Hello Team 1. 

I hope that you are well and keeping safe at home.

Here is your home learning for this week.

*** Please try and read every day ***



Don't forget that you can upload and share your work with the rest of Team 1.
These are both great websites if you want to explore extra learning!
              Log in here to start your day with a mini PE lesson


A  daily phonics lesson has just become available on-line. 

Why not WOW your grown-ups with your phonic knowledge and show them how good you are at reading?


For spelling this week, we will be using the Spelling Shed website to help you to practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games and you can find your user login in the T1 spelling shed pdf on this page.

Please use only your own details to log in.


This week I would like you to keep a diary of what you are doing each day at home.

Can you include time words that you learnt about last week in maths? What have you been eating for lunch? Have you been out on walks and got caught in the rain? Or made up a new game?  What new TV programme have you been watching?

Be as descriptive as you can.  Do not forget capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Here is what I wrote in my diary yesterday...

Friday 1st may 2020

the first thing i did today was make a cup of tea.  I always need a cup of tea the morning!  Then I had a shower and got drest.  Today I wore my dark blue jeans and my favourite baggy white and red spotty shirt  I did sum school work before lunch.  For lunch I had a tuna salad with crunchy lettuce and big red juicy tomatoes.  It was delicious.  Next I watched film The Jungle Book with my daughters abi, livvy and jess.  It was fantastic!  After having a scrumptious dinner of fish and ships I went for a short walk by the river with Mr jennings and then red my book.  Finally I went to bed at half past ten.  I have had a good day today

I have used time words and some good describing words but I might have made some mistakes!  Can you spot them?  Check that you don't make mistakes by re-reading what you have written.




Watch the power point about VE day.  There are some tasks that you can do throughout the power point and a quiz at the end.

Then I would like you to write a letter to a friend telling them all about VE day.

What is VE day?  Why is it so important?  What were the people celebrating?  What did people do on this day?  How did they celebrate?  Why do people still remember and celebrate in 2020?



Can you make a decoration, bake a cake or draw a picture for the VE day celebrations.




Monday: > home learning > year 1 > week 3 > lesson 1 > part-whole relationships number bonds

Tuesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 3 > lesson 2 > fact families - linking addition and subtraction 

Wednesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 3 > lesson 3 > add together and find a part

Thursday: > home learning > year 1 > week 3 > lesson 4 > add more and count on within 20

Friday: Complete the on-line challenge or practice writing the days of the week and the months of the year


Once you have watched the video for the day's lesson, click on the links below to complete the daily on-line activities.