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Learning for week beginning 15.06.20

Hello Team 1!

I hope that you are all still keeping safe and well?


It has been lovely to see some of you back in school and I've really enjoyed chatting on the telephone with the rest of you about what you've been doing whilst you have been at home.  



Don't forget that you can upload and share your work.

I have made you all your own file so that you can add any work, photos or pictures that you want to show me. 

Why not sign up and take part in this year's summer reading challenge...
These are both great websites if you want to do some extra learning or play some on-line games.


Log in here to start your day with a mini PE lesson.



Click on the link below to join in with your daily phonics session.


For spelling this week, we will be using the Spelling Shed website to help you to practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games and you can find your user login in the T1 spelling shed pdf on this page.

Please use only your own details to log in.


So now you've heard all of the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.  Did you think up an ingenious plan to stop those pesky seagulls from eating Mr Grinling's lunch?

Please complete the following activities:

 - I would like you to rewrite the story in your own words.

 - Can you describe and draw a picture of a disgusting sandwich that you would make to trick the seagulls.

 - In the second part of the story there were some more words that you might not have heard before.  I would like you to find out the meaning of each word and then use an alternative word in the sentence so that the meaning remains the same.

A most ingenious plan

Mrs Grinling carefully packed the mustard sandwiches and sent them off down the wire to the expectant seagulls.

Mr Grinling sat down to enjoy a leisurely lunch in the sunshine.

A jubilant Mrs Grinling put away the mustard pot before she prepared a scrumptious lunch for Mr Grinling.




Monday: > home learning > year 1 > week 8 > lesson 1 >  Arrays

Tuesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 8 > lesson 2 >  Doubles

Wednesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 8> lesson 3 >  Sharing

Thursday: > home learning > year 1 > week 8 > lesson 4 >  Grouping

Friday: > home learning > year 1 > week 8 > Friday maths challenge


Once you have watched the video for the day's lesson, click on the links below to complete the daily on-line activities.



Please watch the power point about beach habitats and talk about it with your grown-up and then complete the activities.



Can you write 2 facts that you have now learnt about coastal birds, marine mammals, underwater plants and seashore mini-beasts.
Make a poster telling others ways in which we can keep the beach safe and tidy for other people and the wildlife that live there.