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Learning for week beginning 18.05.20

Hello Team 1. 

I hope that you are well and keeping safe at home. 

I am looking forward to speaking to you all again this week.


Here is your home learning for this week.

*** Please try and read every day ***


Don't forget that you can upload and share your work with the rest of Team 1.

I have made you all your own file now, so you can add any work, photos or pictures that you want to show me.


These are both great websites if you want to do some extra learning.

Log in here to start your day with a mini PE lesson


Click on the link below to join in your daily phonics lesson.

Why not WOW your grown-ups with your phonic knowledge and show them how good you are at reading?


For spelling this week, we will be using the Spelling Shed website to help you to practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games and you can find your user login in the T1 spelling shed pdf on this page.

Please use only your own details to log in.


Please listen to the story ' A trip to the rainforest' and then answer the questions to see what you can remember.

The rainforest is another habitat in which many different animals live.  

This week I would like you to create a booklet on the rainforest.

I would like you to include facts about the rainforest and facts about at least 3 different animals that live there.

Don't forget to include pictures!



Punctuation practice

Watch the power point presentation and then copy out the sentences using the correct punctuation.


Monday: > home learning > year 1 > week 5 > lesson 1 > Compare length and height

Tuesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 5 > lesson 2 > Measure length (1) 

Wednesday: > home learning > year 1 > week 5> lesson 3 > Measure length (2)

Thursday: > home learning > year 1 > week 5 > lesson 4 > Introduce weight and mass

Friday: > home learning > year 1 > week 5 > Friday maths challenge


Once you have watched the video for the day's lesson, click on the links below to complete the daily on-line activities.


Topic - RE


Next Saturday is the end of Ramadan. 

Please watch the power point presentation and then design a poster telling someone all about Ramadan. 

What is it?  Who celebrates it?  What happens during Ramadan?  Why?

Don't forget to decorate your poster and add pictures.


There are also some craft activities for you to complete.