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Learning for week beginning 27.04.20

Hello team 1

I hope that you are all well and staying safe at home with your families.

Here is your home learning work for this week. 

Remember that you can share it with all of team 1 by uploading your work 

I have included a lot of work and activities this week.  Remember, you don't have to do it all -just try and do a bit each day.  

It is important that you spend time doing fun things with your family and enjoy playing in the sunshine if you can.

There are some great activities on bbc bitesize and classroom secrets. 





This week I would like you to practice spelling the days of the week and the months of the year.


Please watch and listen to the story: Little Polar Bear.

First, I would like you to sequence the story by drawing pictures.

Next, write a short caption or sentence underneath the picture to explain it.

Finally, rewrite the story in your own words.

Little Polar Bear picturebook readaloud! Well crafted children's book

Do you remember this polar bear bedtime story? A Hans de Beer book to Like as much as we do. Little Polar Bear - Lars the little pola...


This week in maths we will be learning about time.  Some of it we have already done in class, but some of it is new.  It will be best if you do open the links in order and look at the point point first.  There is a lot of work here and I don't expect you to do it all - just try to have a go at 1 or 2 of the worksheets each day.


Have a look on the National Geographic kids website and learn about the Polar regions.  

What animals live in this freezing, cold habitat?

Can you find out 5 facts about The Arctic, The Antarctic and the animals that live in both these regions.