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T3: Week beginning 15th June 2020


We are going to continue to look at The Human Body. This week we are going to focus on: ORGANS



  • Watch the PowerPoint to find out all about the organs and their functions

Inside the Body PPT


  • Watch the clip from BBC Bitesize to explore the organs in your body


  • Cut out the labels from the sheet and match them to the correct organs. I’ve included the answers, so no cheating!

Match organs sheet


  • Cut out the organ pictures and the function cards and then play a pairs game with a family member.

Pairs game, matching organs to functions sheet


  • Use the sheet to colour the organs the correct colour

Organs colouring sheet


  • Follow the link to complete a quick interactive quiz about organs


  • Follow the link to complete a quick interactive quiz about organs


  • Try to make all of the human organs from old bits of scrap around the house e.g. a plastic bottle for the lungs. Crate the brain using play dough,


  • Arnold has lost his organs. Follow the link to drag and drop the organs to the correct places.


  • Complete the Word search to find the organs

Organs Wordsearch


  • Watch this to show how to take your fingerprints using only a pencil, a piece of paper and some sellotape. Take your families prints- who has mainly Whorls, Loops or Arches?


Don’t forget to upload your learning into your own folders on the class pages. Follow the link to get there.