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Week beginning 22nd June 2020


We are going to continue to look at The Human Body. This week we start to look at all of the juicy stuff! THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM




  • Use the PowerPoint to find out about each part of the digestive system

Digestive system PPT


  • Then create a poster showing the parts of the digestive system. Don’t forget to label it correctly.


  • Cut out the dominoes from the sheet and then order them correctly.

Digestive System dominoes


  • Cut out the organ pictures, the function cards and the picture of the body and place the organs in the correct place and match with its function

Digestive system cut and stick


  • Click on the link to follow interactive guides and a quiz


  • Follow the link to drag and drop the digestive systems organs  into the body


  • Follow the link to complete a quick interactive quiz about the digestive system



  • Complete the Digestive system Word Search.

Digestive System Wordsearch


  • Complete the Digestive system Crossword

Digestive System crossword

Don’t forget to upload your learning into your own folders on the class pages. Follow the link to get there.