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Amazing Me- Write a diary entry about how you are finding not being in school. Think about the following questions 

1) How have you been feeling?

2) What have you been doing?

3) If you have found things hard, how have you helped yourself cope? What methods that we have discussed have you used?



Today, I want you to think right back to the start of the year and all the things we learnt about light... Can you create a poster about light, how it travels and all the interesting facts we learnt about light?



Yoga today! Follow the link below to a Youtube video that tells the story of the Twits through yoga. Enjoy! 



Research your favourite animal and create a fact file on it, try and include some interesting facts about your chosen animal. Draw a picture of it too.



A bit of a fun challenge today... Find out the favourite animal of your family members and mix them together to create your own animal! Then label it so I can see what different animals you have used.