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This week we are focussing on the sounds b, h, f ff we will recap on the sounds ck, e, u, r

  The children have been previously exploring the sounds for s, a, t, p, i, m, n, d, g, o, c , k. We have been attempting to create simple 2 letter and 3 letter words using these sounds. We have been learning short songs for each sound to help us remember.


Have your child practise these sounds at home:




Fluff is fluffy   ff   ff  ff


ducks are clucking ck ck ck



















We have been teaching our children to think about the initial sounds they hear, the middle sounds in words and the last sound. We have been practising sounding out simple words faster and faster until we can hear the blend to say the word.


Can you practise: s-a-t   p-a-t   t-a-p   a-t   s-p-a-t


We can even clap out the different sounds to think about how many letters we have in the words.