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Willow Brook pupils will gain competence in basic skills and learn to understand the wider world. They will be helped to develop their own set of personal skills. In Reception our children will be continue to be encouraged to learn to share, work and play with others to become more confident and independent by encouraging them to think for themselves and solve their own problems.


Pupils will be supported to develop interests, knowledge and understanding across all curriculum subjects. We will put a great emphasis on english and mathematics.


Across the school, we will be using EdisonLearning’s Connected Curriculum which will create exciting, engaging and motivating learning with clear connections made between subjects so that our pupils gain a sound, well-rounded education.


As well as reading, writing, ICT and mathematics, subjects include history, geography, design and technology, art, PE, music and science.


The curriculum for learning at Willow Brook will offer a truly creative and inspiring curriculum that is personal and relevant to our community and beyond, providing a well thought through experience, with meaningful connections across all primary subjects. There will be particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy and ICT to ensure our pupils’ future success.


Our Nursery and main school share the same ethos and vision. We do not see our Nursery as a separate entity, but a fundamental part of Willow Brook’s learning offer.


In addition the curriculum ensures:

  • National Curriculum coverage and full curriculum map
  • Implementation and breadth of study guidance
  • Suggested starting points and goals
  • Detail of suggested learning activities set out in subjects
  • A bank of learning and teaching strategies
  • Level descriptors for focus subjects, including KS1 and KS2 Science
  • Assessment documents and pupil and staff curriculum baseline surveys
  • Appendices containing a full range of supporting resources and links
  • Comprehensive medium term plans from which teachers can draw their own short term plans.


Core Learning Skills & PSHE

The Connected Curriculum material provides a thematic approach to learning and the intentional teaching of a range of Core Learning Skills. These skills are designed to develop range of attributes in the children including the ability to work in a team, to look at strengths and areas for development, to plan their own learning etc. that will be useful beyond school and into the future.

PE and Sports Provision

We use our Sports Premium Grant to invest in specialist coaches who partner our teaching staff in some PE lessons during the school day as well as running after school clubs. Our after school provision provides children with a wide choice of different activities, with at least four sports activity clubs running during a week.


KS1 Reading Scheme and Phonics

The development of early reading skills is essential for children to be able to access the rest of the curriculum. We teach daily phonics (letters and the sounds they make) sessions following the Letters and Sounds programme.  Our reading resources are all from Oxford University Press ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ range, a banded set of progressive fiction, non-fiction and poetry books.