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Practise spelling these words 8 times each and then put them into a complex sentence (using a connective).








Match the fractions, decimals and percentages by playing this game - 

Which level can you get to? Good luck!



Today's fun is... ART

Illuminated Manuscript and Letters

Illuminated letters can be found in many medieval manuscripts and were generally highly coloured and decorated.  These letters were used to mark the beginning of verses or paragraphs and were called ‘versals’.  They are ‘compound’ letters, which means that they were built up, a part at a time, and not made by a single stroke of a pen or brush.  They were often very intricate, using many colours and expensive paints – even gold leaf - and sometimes could even contain tiny pictures or animals as part of the letter.

There are two main types of versals.  Some are derived from the Roman alphabet and are very simple and elegant.  Others are known as Lombardic Capitals and these are more ornate, rounded letters.  

The beauty and quality of the letters is very important and they should be drawn with a pen rather than a pencil.  The versal should be placed so that its top is level with the top of the block of writing which it begins.  There are few fixed rules about designing versals and many varieties can be seen in manuscripts of the time.

Your challenge is to create an illuminated letter for the first letter in your name. Try and make it as big as you can, fill your page.