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Wow Team 5 I am loving all the work that you are uploading - I am so proud of you.


Alyssa - Thank you for all the work you are uploading - it is wonderful to look at :) I think your Simba/Mufasa picture is colourful and neatly drawn. My favourite crystal is the pale green one that looks like coral. You will have to show me how to make them when we get back to school, I haven't been very successful with that yet! Keep up the great work.


Joseph - your crime and punishment work is awesome, I loved the portraits of all the Kings and Queens and all your other art work. Thank you for sharing those with me.

Nandini - your expanded noun phrases work is great!


I would love to see some of this weeks work so please upload it into your file. smiley 

Hello fabulous Year 5 children,


Please make sure you

  • read everyday for at least 20 minutes - ideally this should be your AR book but it can also be other reading material such as a library book, magazine, instructions and newspapers.
  • practise spelling 5/6 words from the National Curriculum year 5 and 6 spelling list daily. 
  • Log onto MyMaths and your portal using the username and password you've been given. Complete the homework. Remember to have a go at the online lesson first to refresh your memory! Here is a link to the

    MyMaths page if you need it!