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Week Beginning 20.04.2020

Week beginning 20th April

Hello Year 5 superstars.

Hope you are all well and staying safe. I am missing you all lots.

J Well done for all the awesome work you have done so far.


I thought this week we might do a cross-curricular learning project based on a short film called ‘The Catch’. You can find a link to it here -


Choose one or two of these activities to do each day… or come up with your own (be as creative/exciting as you like!). Please upload any work that you do onto our class shared folder on the school website.



  • Write a dialogue between the fox and the boy
  • Write  a film review for a magazine
  • Research other traditional tales from other countries
  • Write a haiku poem –

Haiku Poem (5-7-5)

A syllable is a sound which makes up a word:

Haiku poems are made using three lines.

Haiku syllable rule:

First line: 5 syllables

Second line: 7 syllables

Third line: 5 syllables


A boy- hungry, small 5 syllables

A rescued fox showing thanks 7 syllables

  • Desperate tribe, saved. 5 syllables



Maths challenge

The boy goes fishing every day for a week. On the first morning he catches three fish.

On the second morning his catch increases by 10% to 30 fish. The number of fish he catches increases by 10% each day until he has caught 30,000 fish. How many days has he been fishing?


Extra Challenges:

The boy has a basket full of 24 fish. He sells each fish for 50p. How much money does he make?


He decides to offer a deal- anybody who purchases two fish gets a third one half price. He sells all 24 fish using the deal. How much money does he make?




  • Create a food chain mobile    
  • Explore different boat shapes. Trying making some out of foil and testing them in the sink/bath – which floats the best?
  • Write and draw your own survival guide
  • Find out how many different types of fish there are – draw your favourite
  • Play ‘flap the kipper’. Can you win against other people in your household? Ask someone to film your victory dance.





Geography: See homes research image.




  • Create a new yoga positions – one for the boy and one for the fox
  • Make a celebration dance for finding the huge fish




  • Write a rap about the fox stealing the fish and then helping the boy
  • Research songs about fish or from other cultures