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What can I do with work that I have completed?

Where can I send work that I have completed at home?


We know that many of you are working really hard, producing amazing things at home and are probably wondering how you can share your work with us. 

To make this easier, we have created shared folders where you can upload any work that you have done. This can be in the form of photos of work that you have dome or by uploading documents that you have created on your devices at home. 


Please upload as much as you can to these folders as we would love to see it and celebrate it.  Teachers will be able to see it and respond to it although they cannot be notified when new work is added so please be patient if your response is not immediate.  Also, please do not try to to communicate with staff via this folder; the best way to communicate with the school remains through the email address.


Parents of children in Nursery and Reception shouold continue to use the Tapestry app to share their work as before.