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Poetry – my mind reading comprehension

Retrieving Information

  1. What word does the poet use as a synonym for ‘hole’?
  2. How does the poet say she must behave towards her mind?
  3. The poet uses the word ‘mind’ in different ways so that it has different meanings. Give two examples from the poem.

Making Inferences

  1. Do you think the poet is a young person or an older person? Explain why using evidence from the text.
  2. Why do you think the poet wants their thoughts to “be mine alone”?

Writer’s choices

  1. Why do you think the writer compares her mind to “paths and mazes”?
  2. Why has the poet chosen to talk about “wolves” in her mind?

Challenge question (extended question)

Do you think the poet’s mind is a happy, sad or angry place? Support your answer with examples from the text.

Tuesday - word puzzle


Creative writing :)


An Unexpected Adventure – write the beginning of a story based on this picture. Try using the story starter to start you off.                                                                                                                    


Story starter! -  She knew that it hadn’t been a good idea to leave the tap running, but now she was starting to enjoy herself…

Grammar: This week we are focussing on Prefixes. Watch the PPT and take part in the interactive quizzes on it before completing the PACE sheets.