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Spellings - try and do 20 minutes everyday

From now on we are using the 'Spelling Shed' website - link below- to help you practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games- your logins can be found below. PLEASE ONLY USE YOUR DETAILS TO LOG IN.

I will be checking your progress regularly. There is a school leaderboard too - can you be at the top?

This week's spelling focus is -  revision list 34


A cloud maker and his apprentice grandson are busy making clouds but everything doesn't happen as it should.  As things don't go according to plan, the pair of them learn that good ideas come from happy accidents. 

Watch the video.

Write instructions for 'How to make clouds.' Use imperatives (see word bank below)

For support use one of the instruction writing templates.

Once you have finished check you have all the features using the checklist below.



Using the ‘A cloudy lesson’ video from yesterday -

write the dialogue between the two characters in the form of a playscript. You can use my beginning or write your own. Remember to start a new line when the speaker changes and start each part of speaking with the character’s name and a colon. Try and include stage directions in brackets.

E.g. A Cloud Lesson

A cloud maker and his apprentice are high up on a platform making clouds in the sky.

Apprentice: (curiously) What’s that you are getting out?

Cloud maker: It is the very special tool that I make clouds with.

Thursday: Grammar

We have covered a lot of grammar over the last few weeks, so this week a chance to see what you have remembered. Complete the test and then mark yourselves to see how you did. Do you need to go back and revise anything before tomorrow’s test?

Friday: Grammar

How did you do yesterday? Did you revise anything that you were not sure of? Have a go at today’s test and see if you can beat yesterday’s score. Next week we will put all of our learning to use to solve a mystery.