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Spellings - try and do 20 minutes everyday

From now on we are using the 'Spelling Shed' website - link below- to help you practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games- your logins can be found below. PLEASE ONLY USE YOUR DETAILS TO LOG IN.

I will be checking your progress regularly. There is a school leaderboard too - can you be at the top?

This week's spelling focus is -  revision list 35


Still image for this video
Mo Farah video – 2012 5000m highlights

Choose one of these writing activities –

  1. Write a newspaper report – you could include mock interviews with Mo, his wife and his old PE teachers.   Don’t forget to add a great headline like 'Not so slow Mo!'
  2. Imagine you are interviewing Mo. Write the questions you would ask and the response he might give. Write at least 5 questions.
Imagine you are Mo. Write a recount or diary about the event. What things would be going through his head?  Can they imagine winning a gold medal?  Who would they thank?

Thursday and Friday Grammar

For the next two days you are going to put all of your grammar knowledge that we have learnt so far to use, to solve a crime. “The mystery of the Stolen Space Suit.” Solve the five clues and then cross off the eliminated suspects from the list. You should then end up with only one suspect left. The answers are at the end, so no cheating!