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Watery World

Monday 27th April

Question time! 

Look at the picture and answer the questions.

How did Sean survive the great flood?

Can you make a list of all of the things Sean needs to survive? How will he obtain them all?

What are the biggest dilemmas that Sean faces? How will he overcome them?

Is he alone?


Tuesday 28th April

Sentence challenge!

Brackets can be used to add some extra information to a sentence. Can you add some information in brackets to these sentences? Write 2 different examples for each sentence.

Sean’s home ( ) was quite comfortable.

The sea ( ) was filled with colourful fish.

His house ( ) was quite rickety.


Wednesday 29th April

Finish the story… Make it as exciting as you can. Challenge: include a simile or metaphor?


Story starter!

Sean was the only person who had taken notice of the warning. A great flood had swept over the planet, and now life was very different...

In grammar this week we are looking at parenthesis. View the PPT first and then complete the PACE sheets.