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Welcome to the Team 3 class page


Hello Team 3!

Some of you have been uploading work and I'm really proud of how hard you're all working!

  • Isla- All the work you have posted has been great. I've loved looking through it all. 
  • Aleksandra- I've loved seeing your Maths work this week. 
  • Harry- Your 'show not tell' description was fantastic. Great work Harry!
  • Evelina- Your work on inverted commas last week was really good, well done!
  • Luisa- Your Viking work last week was brilliant. Well done!


Keep posting your work up on your folder. I really enjoy looking through it all. 


Miss Flisher

Website links for games and educational sites specific to Year 3

Year 3/4 spelling list for you to practice at home!


For a temporary period while school is shut, you will be able to quiz on your books at home, using the link below. Remember when you have finished a book, to discuss it with an adult (for example, recount the events from the story). You then take the quiz by yourself without the book to help you. 

Your log in is the first letter of your first name, followed by the first 4 letters of your surname/family name. For example, if your name is Fred Smith, then your username would be fsmit. Your password is abc.

Audible has a vast selection of children audiobooks to listen to on the following devices: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. For the duration of the time that schools are closed, they are streaming these stories for free. I know many of Team 3 love to read and also love to listen to stories, so this will mean that they can continue to do so while schools are shut.


Click on the link below, and choose a story for you to listen to and enjoy!