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Team Willowbird

Hello Team Willowbird and families! 

This is where we will post pictures of the work and activities that we have been completing in the Key Worker group each group. 

Miss Flisher

WB 13th July

Well, it's the final week of term! This week we are having a really relaxed fun week. On Monday, some children watched Paddington and some did junk modelling. On Tuesday, we had A LOT of fun doing our own science experiments! On Wednesday we tried different fruits and made fruit kebabs! Even I tried some new foods! On Thursday they had a Sports Day with Conrad. 


Just a little message from me to all of the parents and children of Team Willowbird. It has been an absolute pleasure working with every single one of the children who have been part of this group. I have really enjoyed myself and I hope the children have to. They have thrown themselves into every single activity that we came up with and done it with a smile on their face! The past 7 weeks would not of been doable, would not of been as fun without their enthusiasm and high levels of engagement. So thank you to all the children! You really have all been superstars. 

And thank you to the parents for your support during this time. I hope you all enjoy your summer! 

Miss Flisher 

Balloon Experiment

6th July 

On Monday, we learnt all about Mexico, learnt some spanish and had a go at making some sombreros. On Tuesday we went to France and tried some French food and made stained glass windows inspired by the Tour De France. On Wednesday we learnt all about Italy and made our own pizza. We also tried some Dutch food on the Friday! Every day we learnt a little bit of the language spoken in the country we had visited.

WB 22nd June

Our second week of time travelling... On Monday, we left the Second World War and ended up in Roman Colchester. We had a go at walking in a straight line like Roman soldiers, and made our own Roman shields. On Tuesday, we arrived in Viking York where we created some fantastic art work and tried writing messages in Viking Runes. Wednesday saw us enter the Tudor times and the children had a go at making Tudor biscuits! We also, took a trip to the future and had a think about what crazy inventions may of happened in 100 years time. Finally we found ourselves back in the Stone Age and created some artwork around Stonehenge. We are now coming to an end to our time travelling fun... but all sorts of exciting things are planned for the next few weeks!

Stonehenge art

Viking longboat Art

WB 15th June

This week we have begun our history fortnight and our travelling through time to investigate life in other eras... So far we have gone to Ancient Egypt and made headdresses, as well as a trip to the Victorian era where we had a go at making some popular Victorian toys... On Wednesday, we arrived in 1939 and began our 3 days learning about the Second World War...


Decoding and using Morse Code

WB 8th June

During this week, we were looking at space and all our activities from Tuesday onwards were linked to that theme. We looked at the planets and found out all sorts of information about them, as well as baking shortbread biscuits and designing our own planets on them... We have used paint and pastels to create all of the planets for a 'planets' display. On Friday we even made and tried some Astronaut pudding! 


Monday 8th June was World Ocean Day so as part of this, we learnt about the oceans and what we can do to protect them. All the children created a poster encouraging people to look after the oceans and not litter the beaches. We also created our own 'Ocean in a jar' which was a very popular activity! 

World Ocean Day

Making our Astronaut pudding...

Trying our Astronaut Pudding... Astronaut style!