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History Project - Crime and Punishment


Throughout the week use your topic time to research how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages from the Anglo-Saxons to the present day.

For help have a look at they normally have a crime section under each time period.

Another good website to look at is BBC bitesize learn and revise KS2 history

Also try watching some Horrible Histories  - Compare Crime & Punishment through the ages with Horrible Histories! (Available on BBC iplayer and You Tube) Can you compare the Tudors, Saxons and Victorians?

You could then use your research to –

  • Become a crime scene investigator. How many different fingerprints can you recover from your house? All you need is some Sellotape, a pencil and some paper.
  • If I were Prime Minister - Imagine if you had the chance to be Prime Minister for the day, what laws would you put in place and what powers would you give the police to enforce them?
  • Timeline – Make a timeline of developments in crime and punishment.
  • Courtrooms - Draw/make a court from one of the ages you have researched.
  • Persuasive Letter - You have been convicted of a terrible crime (of your choice) and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Write a persuasive letter from your cell convincing a judge that you didn’t do it.
  • Cluedo - Create your own version of Cluedo, the board game. You can design your own characters, mansion and terrible crimes!
  • TV challenge – write a song or screen play scene about crime and punishment for a new Horrible Histories show.


I would love to see any work that you do so please take photos and upload them on to the website - follow the link on the 'Class Pages' page.