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This week we are going to start to look at The Human Body and in particular :

The Skeleton

  • First Watch this introductory video- you may remember the characters from our work on The eye and The Ear.


  • Can you learn the Bones Song?


  • Watch the video to see a real human skeleton


  • Use the attached document to research and label the bones in the Skeleton

Label the Human Skeleton sheet


  • If you have a printer, print and cut out the bones to make a moving skeleton. If you don’t have a printer, you can either draw the bones or make a skeleton from something else like cotton buds. I’ve included a life size skeleton one for those of you who want to go large!

Be creative!

Make a skeleton sheet or the Life Size skeleton sheets


  • Try to match the bone names to the correct place by following the clues.

Colour Mr. Bones sheet


  • Complete the Human Skeleton Wordsearch

Human Skeleton Wordsearch sheet


  • Complete the Human Skeleton Crossword whilst finding out about the skeleton – I’ve included the answers – NO cheating!

Skeleton Crossword sheet


  • Look at the X-Rays and work out which parts of the body have been x-rayed.

X-Ray worksheet


  • Follow the link to play an interactive quiz about bones


  • Follow the link below where you can interactively assemble the skeleton and then have a go at labelling it.