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Mysterious Materials - explore and find out about as many different types of materials as you can. What makes them unique? why do we need them? how do we use them? what happens if we try and change them?

Have a look at the different on the bbc bitesize website - 

Things you could do –

  • Investigate which materials are soluble or insoluble – see the activity sheet for ideas
  • this is a year 5 daily lesson on bbs bitesize (29th April:science)
  • Find and draw ten different magnetic objects/materials
  • Investigate ways to separate: sand and water, raisins and flour, paper clips and rice, salt and water.
  • Create a collage using as many different materials as you can. You could do a self-portrait, the view from your bedroom window, your favourite toy or anything you like.
  • Explore what happens if you mix milk with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda with vinegar – see the activity sheet irreversible changes
  • Try growing crystals – see activity sheet
  • Have a go at experimenting with chromatography. Watch the video