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Week beginning 18th May 2020

Hope you all enjoyed looking at the skeleton last week. This week we investigate the body more by looking at: MUSCLES

  • First Watch this introductory video from our favourite two characters!


  • Get the whole family to join in with this relaxing, mindfulness activity, by stretching each muscle group. Play some relaxing music whilst you do it.

Muscle relax activity sheet


  • Use the instructions attached to make your own muscles to show they make joints move.

Make a muscle sheet


  • Watch the PowerPoint to find out some interesting facts about muscles

Muscles PPT


  • Complete the sheet below to find out the names of the muscle groups. Then work out which muscles you use by completing various activities.

Identifying Muscles sheet


  • Use the attached diagram, or draw one in your book and use the word bank to label the muscle groups.

Label Muscles


  • Follow the link to complete a quick interactive quiz about muscle groups.


  • Draw your own version of the attached diagram on how muscles contract and relax. Challenge!!! Can you draw the same diagram but use a different muscle group – e.g. from the leg.

How muscles work diagram


  • Can you learn the Muscles song? Point to the correct part of your body as he mentions each one. Don’t worry about learning all of the names!!!


  • Complete the Word search to find the muscle groups

Muscles Wordsearch


  • Follow the link to play an interactive quiz about muscles