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The Olympics Project

The summer Olympics were due to be held this summer in Tokyo however due to the COVID-19 pandemic they have been postponed until next summer. I would like you to find out about the Olympics past and present.


Things you could do –

  • How many sports are there in the Olympics? Can you list them A-Z?
  • Find out who has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for our country. You could draw three medals or a podium and write/draw the athletes.
  • What is special about the Olympic Logo? Have a go at designing your own – see sheet below
  • Discover when, where and what the very first Olympic games were like.
  • Choose your favourite sporting activity. Draw a picture of it, explain how you play and why you enjoy it.
  • Design a new medal – see sheet below
  • What is our national anthem? Find and learn the words
  • The opening ceremony is a huge event – what special things did we do for ours in London 2012?
  • Have your own mini Olympics with your household. How many different events can you create? How many medals will you win?
  • Where have the Olympics been held? Plot them on a whole map with their dates.
  • Research the Paralympics? Who are our famous Paralympians?
  • Using scratch design and code your own Olympic game.
  • Design a new tracksuit for Team GB to wear when they go to Tokyo
  • Play the Ancient Olympics board game – see below