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Topic Learning for 20.04.20

Topic – Vikings project

Throughout the week use your topic time to research The Vikings: Find out where they came from, when did they invade England? What type of people were they? What did they contribute to England. A good site to look at is

You could then use your research to –

  • Draw a timeline of the invasion
  • Write a scene from one of the battles including vivid description
  • Make a board game of one of the battles
  • Draw or make a viking longboat
  • Use a map of England to determine place names that originated from the Viking times
  • Draw the Norse Gods. Who was the mightiest?
  • Make a viking house / hut from twigs and branches collected on one of your walks
  • Draw a viking tattoo
  • Compile a viking fact fie

Don't forget to upload some of your work on the website, I'd love to see some. You each have a personal folder so I can see what you've done. 

Look after yourselves. Mrs. Chisnall