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Monday: Geography – on the blank map of Europe, see if you can name all of the countries. If you are unable to print this off then list all of the countries in your book.

Tuesday: Amazing me -  write a diary entry in your books about how you are feeling at the moment. Are you confused? Worried? Excited to be off school?  Then think about the coping strategies we have learnt. What could you use? A calm space? What strategies are going to help you through the next few weeks?


Wednesday: Art – Go outside- if the weather is ok- then sketch the scene that you can see. Remember to think about distances and how close up some of the things you see are. If you have colouring pencils then colour your sketch in. Remember all of those sketching techniques, including light and shade, that we have discovered this year.


Thursday: Namaste! Yoga today. Learn the story of The Wizard of Oz whilst you complete the Yoga moves. Follow this link:


Friday: Challenge Day! History -  Can you research and list as many Kings and Queens of England you can find starting with our current Queen - Queen Elizabeth II. List them in chronological order (Date order) in your books with the dates that they ruled. How far back can you go?