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The United Kingdom – How much do you know about the amazing country we live in?

Things you could do –

  • Find the United Kingdom on a globe or world map. Which continent is it in? What are the different continents.
  • Make up a song to help you remember the names of the different continents.
  • Draw a map or make a model of the United Kingdom
  • Find out the capital cities of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • How many different counties are there? Can you label them all on the map below and highlight the ones you have visited.
  • Complete the worksheet below finding where different cities are in England.
  • Draw and label different famous landmarks found in the UK.
  • Make a model of a famous UK landmark.
  • Complete the human features worksheet.
  • Make four different posters or fact files – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Include the national flower, patron saint, flag, language examples, population, capital city, landmarks and any other national information.