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Week beginning 22nd June 2020


This week we start to look at how blood gets around our bodies: The Circulatory System



  • Watch the four clips on BBC Bitesize to explore the circulatory system, what’s in your blood, how blood vessels work and how the heart works.


  • Use the PowerPoint to find out about each part of the Respiratory System

The Circulatory system PPT


  • Label the Circulatory system. I’ve included the answers so no cheating!

Label the Circulatory System


  • How much have you learnt? Take the quiz to see.


  • Find out how your heart beats faster and what your pulse rate is by completing the exercises and taking your pulse. What exercise makes your heart beat the fastest?

Pulse rate investigation sheet


  • Label the diagram of the heart and then draw red and blue arrows on to show how the direction of blood.

The Human Heart System

The Human Heart System answers


  • Research facts about the heart and make a poster or PowerPoint of the Top 10 most interesting facts. I’ll give you one to start.

Make a FIST – Your heart is about the same size as your closed fist. 


  • Complete the crossword. I have included the spellings for some of the answers that you may need.

Circulatory system crossword


  • Follow the link to drag and drop the labels onto a diagram of the heart


  • Follow the link to complete a quick interactive quiz about the Circulatory system


  • Complete the Circulatory system Word Search.

Circulatory System Wordsearch


Don’t forget to upload your learning into your own folders on the class pages. Follow the link to get there.