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Week beginning 29th June 2020


This week we start to look at the first part of the Digestive system in detail – Teeth



  • Watch the clips on BBC Bitesize to explore the types of teeth. Take the Quiz at the end.


  • Use the PowerPoint to find out about teeth, their names and their functions.

Teeth and their Functions PPT


  • Label the Mouth with the names of the teeth.  I’ve included the answers so no cheating!

Label the Teeth diagram


  • Take the quizzes below to find out how much you have learnt about teeth.


  • Find a helpful partner – mum, dad, brother, sister etc – ask to look in their mouth and then label the diagram with what you can see.

Teeth Exploration


  • Design a poster encouraging children to brush their teeth and keep their mouth healthy.


  • Complete the crossword. I have included the answers for you.  

All about Teeth Crossword


  • Drag the correct teeth into the correct places on this interactive game.


  • Learn the Brush your teeth song! You’ll love this, It’s not at all annoying. Get the whole family involved!!


  • Complete the Wordsearch and then cut out the bookmark with tips on how to brush your teeth properly.  

Bright Smiles Wordsearch


  • Draw a diagram of the inside of a tooth such as the one below.


Don’t forget to upload your learning into your own folders on the class pages. Follow the link to get there.