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TOPIC: Week commencing 13th July

Continuing on for Art week, I though this week we would have some fun and you can design and make a new game.


Invent a new game

Step 1

  • Jot down as many ideas as you have for the game. It might be useful to ask other people for their ideas too.

• Think about the sort of games you like to play and why you like playing them. Perhaps you could merge two games together to make a new one.

Step 2

• Look at your list of ideas and begin to cross out the ones which would not be possible.

• Put a circle around the ideas that really interest you. Keep updating your list until you have one idea left.

Step 3

• Write down a description of the game as if you are explaining it to a new player.

• Write the rules for the game. Try to keep them fairly simple. It is easy to get in a muddle if the game is too complicated and might put someone off learning to play it.

Step 4

• Begin to plan the board or playing area. Draw a draft version and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. This is the first stage to designing the game and it will need a lot of changes before it is finished.

• Think about how many players can join in.

• What equipment is needed?

• What do you need to make it?

Step 5

• Invite people to try your game out.

• Evaluate what happens. Does the game finish too quickly? Is there enough to interest the players? Do they have any suggestions to improve the game?

Step 6

  • Make your game. Make it colourful. Design a name and logo for the game.


• Keep it simple.

• Make sure there is a purpose.

• Make it fun!



It would be great to see some of your games on the website. Don’t forget to upload your pictures into your own folder on the class page at