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Topic learning for 30.03.20

Hi my lovely Team 4 - I miss you all and hope that you and your family are all staying safe.

Topic is going to look a little different to usual. Every week I will set a project for you to complete in your Topic time and then you can complete it how you want- either choose a daily activity from the list OR present something daily however you want. 

Don't forget to login to Joe Wicks body coach PE lesson daily at 9am. Follow the link:

Thought we'd start this with a topic that we have already looked at, just so you get the idea. 


Topic – Romans project

Throughout the week use your topic time to research The Romans

You could then use your research to –

  • Write a diary entry from a soldier who has had no choice but to join the army. 
  • Make a board game of one of the battles
  • Draw and label the armour that a Roman soldier would have
  • Make a set of Roman ruler Top Trumps
  • Draw and label a timeline of the Roman invasion
  • Use Roman numerals to write a coded message
  • Use your recycling to make a junk model of a Roman Town
  • Draw/ Sketch / paint what Colchester looked like in the Roman times
  • Make a fact file of all of the Roman sites or artefacts that are still in Colchester- include drawings. 

Enjoy, and don't forget to upload some of your work into your folders on the website, I'd love to see some. 

Look after yourselves. Mrs. Chisnall smiley