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From now on we are using the 'Spelling Shed' website - link below- to help you practice and learn your spellings. You will need to login to play the games- your logins can be found below. PLEASE ONLY USE YOUR DETAILS TO LOG IN.

I will be checking your progress regularly. There is a school leaderboard too - can you be at the top?

This week's spelling focus is - words containing hyphens    


Grow - Perfect picture!

Imagine what the plant will look like after it has grown. Draw or describe what you have imagined. It may not look like a normal plant…

Story starter!

It had not rained for years. Nothing ever grew here. The earth was a dry and dusty wasteland.

Things were about to change…

Write the beginning of the story up to a cliff hanger – make me want to read on.

Remember to use vivid descriptions and figurative language. I should also see examples of the grammar work you have been doing on a Thursday and Friday. Remember to upload your writing into your folder on the website -  

Grammar: Thursday and Friday This week we continue to look at adverbs and adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility in particular. View the PowerPoint and then answer the questions on the PACE sheet. I've included the answers for you so you can self-mark