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Week beginning 15th June 2020


I hope you had fun last week with all of the gory stuff! This week we start to look at how we breathe: THE Respiratory SYSTEM


  • Use the PowerPoint to find out about each part of the Respiratory System

Respiratory system PPT


  • Draw a diagram of the Human Body to include the lungs and then show using arrows the direction that the air we breathe in takes.


  • Research why smoking is not good for our health.  Design a poster to show how smoking affects our health, warning people of the dangers.


  • Answer the statements to say whether they are True or False using the knowledge you have found out about the Lungs. The answers are included for you to see how you did – no cheating!

True or False


  • Follow the link to drag and drop the labels onto a diagram of the lungs


  • Follow the link to complete a quick interactive quiz about the Respiratory system


  • Make a model lung out of things you may have in the house. Then use it to answer the questions at the end.

Make a model Lung investigation sheet


  • Complete the Respiratory system Word Search.

Respiratory System Wordsearch


Don’t forget to upload your learning into your own folders on the class pages. Follow the link to get there.